• BRC / IOP (British Retail Consortium / Institute of Packaging) (pdf 496 KB)
    Brand new is our A Grade Certificate awarded by BRC and issued by TÜV Nord according to the global BRC-Standard for quality and safety of packaging material. It contains - among others - the strict HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles.
  • Quality Management (pdf 33,1 KB)
    Our Quality Management is certified by TÜV according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015. By the way, our first certification took already place in 1994. So we can prove more than 20 years of gapless QM certification.
  • Environmental Certificate (pdf 14,4 KB)
    Quote from the CO2-expert report: “The production process at Heyne & Penke Verpackungen GmbH is assessed as being particularly energy efficient based upon the established results.  In comparison with the competitors, Heyne & Penke Verpackungen GmbH is one of the most progressive enterprises of the industry, where sustainable energy policy is concerned.  The Heyne & Penke Verpackungen GmbH products distinguish themselves by being utmost environmentally friendly and by being manufactured with procedures that handle resources very considerately“.

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