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The food industry specifically has strict requirements for all manufacturing procedures concerning their packaging. Fortunately, customers are increasingly enquiring about issues such as sustainability, avoiding waste, food safety, ethical and ecological subjects.
We have given these subjects serious consideration for quite a long time, and by doing so have positioned ourselves distinctly in the market. We are certified according to DIN ISO 22000 : 2005 and have thus implemented the demanding food safety regulations (HACCP). And we understand and accept the responsibility that goes with this.


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One of our specialities in demand worldwide is the production of flexible packaging for the sweets industry. From a variety of possibilities, the sweets manufacturer selects the packaging for his special product. We accompany our customers from selecting to supplying the flexible packaging product with our well-proven know-how.

Examples of Application:

  • Twist wrap / fold wrap packaging for boiled sweets, chewing sweets, toffees, lollies
  • Fold wrap for chewy sweets, bubble gum
  • Flowpack FFS-applications (Form Fill Seal)
  • Transfer pictures / tattoos as inner wrappings and promotional extras, e.g. for bubble gum, ice-cream, lollies

Bread and Baked Goods

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Foil packaging both as flowpack or fold wrap is ideal for bread and baked goods. Depending on the goods to be wrapped up, either flexible packaging made from mono-foil or compound foil is being used.

Examples of Applications:

  • Flowpacks are suitable for bread, cakes, biscuits
  • Fold wrap e.g. as packaging for boxed products

Fresh Food (Meat, Cold Meat, Cheese)

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) or vacuum packaging, packaging with or without high barrier properties, anti-fog coating yes or no - the customer is expertly advised about all these specific possibilities and will be accompanied by our Department for Application Technology.
Depending on the customer’s requirements, the used material may consist of a variety of composite foils, such as e.g. PP / PE / EVOH or PET / EVOH / OPA/PE. We print up to 8 colours in the flexographic printing procedure and with up to 10 colours with the gravure printing procedure.

Examples of Application:

  • Flowpacks for horizontal or vertical FFS (Form Fill Seal) - applications
  • Cover foils for self-service- and convenience food products
  • Also re-sealable packaging solutions
  • Flowpacks, e.g. for grated cheeses


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Due to the large variety of snacks it is indispensable to adjust differently to each customer request. The wide range of our possibilities in flexible packaging reaches from the characteristic spirally wound composite can labels for stacked chips to the individual foil flowpack.

Examples of Application:

  • Flowpacks made from paper and foil compounds for snacks, cereals, crisps
  • Foil wrapping for snacks, muesli-bars
  • Secondary packaging for stacked chips

Food in General

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It is in their nature that flexible packaging for food place high demands on the production. We are aware of our responsibility for the food safety and can prove this with our certifications.

Examples of Application:

  • Flowpack: Pasta, Rice, Frozen Food
  • Stand-Up Pouch Packaging: Flour, Oats, Sugar
  • Sealed bag: Baking Powder, Sugar
  • Fold wrap: Sugar Cubes

Soft Drinks

This is of interest to the drinks industry :
Since 2012 we have been DPG-certified (Stage 2 Process Certification) in compliance with the DPG-Certification Guideline of the DPG Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH (German Return Bottle System).

Example of Application:

  • Foil Label for plastic bottles


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Tea is a sensitive wellness- resp. health-product and it therefore requires a very careful selection of packaging. Specialists these days have started to wrap the individual tea bags in foil instead of paper, in order to protect the precious tea aroma better and to prolong the shelf life. Special composite foils PP/PE are used in this instance.

Examples of Application:

  • Sealed bag: Tea Bags wrapping made from paper/foil - or foil/foil - composites
  • Flowpack: Secondary foil wrapping for tea bags

Animal Food

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With regard to animal food, it is important that the product has a long shelf life. In cooperation with our customer we will find the optimal solution.

Examples of Application:

  • Flowpack, e.g. for fat balls for birds

Non-Food Products

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For non-food articles such as e.g. hygiene products or household articles, there is a large variety of solutions for flexible packaging to be selected from and the most appropriate to be found. We are happy to advise you.

Examples of Application:

  • Flowpack: Wet Tissues, Household Sponges
  • Wax paper fold wrap: Soap, Razor Blades
  • Sealed bag: Washing powder
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