Compostability of Heyne & Penke's Waxpaper

As one of the members of Eurowaxpack we co-commissioned a scientific study on the compostability of wax paper. Tested was a popular 40 g / m² twistingpaper with a conventional wax coating.

Now we received the official result of this study which confirmed officially that wax paper produced by Heyne & Penke meets all the requirements as described in the European CEN standard EN 13432. This European Standard contains requirements for packaging recoverable by composting and biodegradation and includes a test scheme and evaluation criteria for the classification of these packaging material.

Our wax paper is classified as fully compostable. So just as nature decomposes the leaves of the trees, it also transforms paper and wax.

When searching for a simpler and less environmentally polluting packaging solution one should therefore always consider the option of using wax paper.

A new wax coating machine supports our production of wax paper / cold seal paper for twist or fold wrap packaging for sweets, candies, toffees, lollipops or non-food  products such as soaps or razor blades.

If necessary we would be pleased to attend our customers with our special know-how. The issue of environmental protection is very important to us and therefore it is our serious concern to inform about the environmental benefits and versatility of our wax paper packaging products.

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