Heyne & Penke has reached Benchmark-Position!

In February 2012 one of Heyne & Penke’s important customers, a big global concern, executed a significant customer audit in our premises.

Reportedly in this class of audit equal competitors usually are reaching an average result between 60 to 80 points at a scale of 0 to 100 points. 100 points are without doubt an exceptional value and the absolute benchmark position.

Heyne & Penke Verpackungen GmbH proudly announces to have reached this benchmark position of maximal 100 points and thus became entitled to call itself an absolute flagship producer in flexible packaging industry.

Audited was the company as a whole: the performance of all employees and the entire workflow.

Especially positively emphasized were the following items:

  • Buildings, Facilities, Equipment Design and Installation - for an efficient structure of premises, technical equipment and computer systems, all of this contributing to minimize the number of mistakes in production process and guaranteeing a consistent product quality
  • Process Control - for an excellent production management
  • Complaint Handling - for a professional treatment of customer complaints.

So this excellent audit result is due to a complex performance plus the know-how, expertise and responsibility of Heyne & Penke's management and employees and it shows that Heyne & Penke Verpackungen GmbH is on a very successful way.

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