We produce flexible packaging for:

Food, confectionery, bread and pastries, fresh produce (meat, sausage, cheese), snacks, beverages, tea, pet food, non-food products


Nowadays, the food industry places high demands on packaging producers in relation to food packaging manufacturing. Customer requests for sustainability, waste prevention, food safety, ethical and ecological aspects are becoming increasingly important today.


We have been taking these vital matters seriously for a long time. It allows us position ourselves clearly in the marketplace. We are BRC certified and have fully implemented all demanding food safety regulations (HACCP). We are absolutely committed to our responsibilities.


One of our acknowledged specialisations worldwide is the production of flexible packaging for the confectionery industry. A confectionery producer can be sure that from a variety of available options we find the best packaging solution to meet his standards and needs, and will accompany the customer throughout all processes with our proven know-how, from packaging selection to delivery.


Application examples:

  • twist wrapper / twist wrap for sweets, chewy sweets, toffees, lollies

  • fold wrapping for chewy sweets, bubble gum

  • bags for FFS applications (Form Fill Seal)

  • transfer pictures/ tattoos as inserts and/or inner wrappers and promotions for bubble gum, ice cream, lollies

Bread and bakery products

For bread and bakery products we recommend either a film for FFS packaging or a fold wrap material. Depending on the product, flexible packaging of mono or laminated film can be used.


Application examples:

  • FFS bags suitable for bread, cakes, biscuits

  • fold wrapping, for instance as outer packaging of folding cartons

Fresh produce (meat, sausage, cheese)

Our application engineering department will competently provide you with an expert advice on the type of the packaging for your particular product, for instance: protective gas packaging (MAP - Modified Atmosphere Packaging) or vacuum packaging, with or without high barrier property or anti-fog coating.

Depending on customers’ requirements, we can suggest packaging options of various film composites, for instance PP / PE / EVOH or PET / EVOH / OPA / PE. We print in flexo printing up to 8 colours or in gravure printing up to 11 colours.


Application examples:

  • bags for horizontal or vertical FFS applications (Form Fill Seal)

  • lid films for self-service and convenience products

  • resealable packaging solutions

  • FFS bags, for example for grated cheese


While offering a large number of snack specialties, it is essential to be prepared for every customer request. The variety of our possibilities in the production of flexible packaging ranges from the specific spiral-wound composite can labels for stacked chips to the individual film bags for FFS application.


Application examples:

  • FFS bags made of paper or film for snack products, cereals, and crisps

  • Bar wrappers made of film for snacks (muesli bars

  • Overpacks for stacked chips

  • Paper fold wrapping for chocolate bars

  • Tubular bag with overlapping seal for wine gum

General Foods

Flexible packaging for food places special demands on its production. We fully acknowledge our complete responsibility for food safety validated by our international certifications.


Application examples:

  • Tubular bag: noodles, rice, frozen food

  • Stand-up pouches: flour, oatmeal, icing sugar

  • Sealed edge pouches: baking powder, sugar

  • Fold wrapping: sugar cubes


Interesting for the beverage industry:
According to the DPG certification guidelines of DPG Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH, since 2012 we have been DPG-certified (Level 2 process certification).


Application examples:

  • Wrap around film labels for PET bottles


Tea as a sensitive wellness or health product requires a particularly careful choice of packaging. Today, tea specialists wrap individual teabags with film/ foil instead of paper to better protect the precious tea aroma and extend its shelf life. Special film composites PP / PE are recommended by our specialists.


Application examples:

  • Sealed edge pouches / three-side sealed pouches:
    teabag outer packaging made of paper / foil composites or film composites
  • Tubular bag: teabag outer packaging made of film

Pet food

In the case of flexible packaging for pet food, shelf life of the product is an important matter. In cooperation with the customer, we will find the best and optimal solution.


Application examples:

  • Tubular bags, for instance for fat balls

  • Stand-up pouch for dog food

Non-food products

For flexible packaging of non-food items such as hygiene articles or household goods we will be happy to suggest a variety of solutions from our packaging portfolio.


Application examples:

  • Tubular bags: wet wipes, household sponges

  • Waxed paper fold wrap: soap, razor blades

  • Sealed edge pouches: laundry white